Enjoying the benefits of our free vending services


Our services improve the emotional and social state of workplaces, educational facilities and places of passage. Hire our free service instead of owning a vending machine


Productivity & Happiness

At Machine Matrix we know that a comfortable and well-equipped work or study space contributes to improving the productivity of employees and students. Because being productive is much easier in a happy, relaxed and pleasant environment. Our vending and coffee machines are a great way to achieve this, offering varied and accessible taste for motivating breaks.

In any workplace, you can install a small corner where your employees socialize, build relationships, drink coffee, enjoy healthy snacks or consume refreshing drinks. This way they will increase their confidence and create a cohesive work team more easily.

In transit areas such as service stations, car repair shops or waiting rooms, a candy machine can brighten the day of your customers. Provide added value to your business and help start relationships from a good mood.

Little details always help build happy lives. And small details are all that our machines provide.

Happy employees with coffee from vending in their workplace

Our free service vs owning a vending machine

Buying and maintaining a new machine requires searching for suppliers, consultants, comparing models and features. Which brand to choose? Which machine best suits my needs? We know the models, features, manufacturers and performance of all types of machines, so we can offer you the right choice for your needs. And, if we don’t get it right or your conditions change, we can always modify the settings to adapt to what’s new.


Variety of Products

One of the most obvious advantages of vending machines is the variety of products they offer in a minimum of space. The diversity of snacks and drinks that have satisfies the desires of any type of consumer, both in a small workshop and in a large hotel complex.

How many types of coffee are usually available in an office? With our coffee machines, your employees will be able to choose between cappuccinos, lattes, espresso, long black, decaffeinated… As well as teas, chocolates, infusions… Each person will enjoy their preferred option without leaving the building.

Do you need fresh, vegetarian, vegan, diet and healthy food? Our product catalog includes offers for all types of food.

We can guarantee you an adequate stock for the most varied tastes. If you are a workplace with sizable to small staff, our provisions are adapted to your consumption habits.

At parties and temporary events, where there is a lot of movement and crowds, bulk machines allow you to easily purchase appetizing products such as chewing gum or ice cream, in perfect hygiene and conservation conditions. In waiting rooms, the distraction of choosing your favorite chocolate helps time pass more pleasantly.

Automated retail machines and medicine cabinets give people the freedom to have essential products without having to carry them around all the time. From laundry soap to aspirin or hygiene products. It will not be necessary to carry the Mary Poppins bag with you, just come to one of our machines.

Our free service vs owning a vending machine

Our regular contact with suppliers allows us to acquire the best products at the best price and in the shortest time. Maintaining the stock of your machines by yourself involves work and cost that does not exist for you with us.


Free service and affordable products

We are aware that these benefits are only available if they are offered at an affordable price. That is why we constantly work with our associates and suppliers so that our facilities make you enjoy this aspect as well.

The installation, maintenance and supply of our machines is totally free for you. Your premises or facilities will be able to enjoy them at zero cost and without any additional or hidden charge.

The products that you, your clients, your consumers, users and colleagues acquire from the machines will have a reasonable and very affordable price, with a great quality/price ratio.

Free service and affordable products, better than owning

Our free service vs owning a vending machine

Buying a new machine requires a high initial financial investment. With our service, the initial cost totals $0, with no hidden fees. Second-hand machines can fail due to previous misuse or deteriorated mechanisms, so the cost of maintenance can be even more expensive than buying a new one. Our machines are brand new or in excellent condition and our services includes maintenance. Again, completely free for you.


Unattended operation

We offer you the solution that guarantees total peace of mind regarding operation and provisioning. With Matrix Machine you get rid of choosing, buying and maintaining refrigerators, coffee machines, freezers, cupboards… And of course, you will never have to stock it with products.

When you no longer need our services, we leave, uninstall our machines and say goodbye with the best smile, without pressure.

With our machines, it will seem to you that everything is done by itself. The only thing missing is eating and playing for you, but we think you prefer to do that on your own!

Unattended operation vs owning a vending machine

Our free service vs owning a vending machine

Still have doubts?

Unatended operation on free service vs owning a vending machine

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