Reaching our specialty machines

Specialty Machines

Sometimes, vending doesn’t meet all the needs of organizations, venues or events. That’s why we expanded our offer of machines. If you enjoy the vending equipment of Machine Matrix, you will love the quality of our entertainment and retail machines


Catalog of Specialty Machines

In addition to installing vending machines, you can liven up any location or event with games for young and old. Or set up an automated, self-sufficient, 24/7 store anywhere. Enjoy our specialty machines!

Gaming Machines

Our gaming machines have attractive and comfortable designs that offer the most fun and varied gaming experiences for your clients, employees or guests. An extensive library of high-performing game titles keeps them engaged. With the latest technology, sharp resolutions and attractive lighting for a realistic and stimulating gaming experience.

Amusement Machines

You won’t believe the wide variety of amusement machines that we can provide you with, installed and fully operational anywhere you need them.

Among our offers are sports game machines, such as basketball, air hockey or foosball. Classic games such as claw games, darts, skee ball or pinball. Of course, we also have arcade machines with the most popular and recognizable classic and modern games: Pac Man, Ms Pac Man, Galaga, Hot Wheels, Jurassic World, Tomb Raider, Star Wars…

Medicine Cabinets

Medicine Cabinets are always necessary anywhere. Have one fully stocked with band-aids, alcohol, digestives, condoms, aspirin, masks, feminine hygiene products…

It’s common for medicine cabinets to be the great forgotten, their products are not reviewed and tend to spoil or expire. With our services, you can ensure that you always have products in optimal conditions and within the appropriate consumption date.

Automated Retail Machines

With our automated retail machines, you can automate the sale of almost any product in your business or organization. Incorporate the products you prefer and need for sale, both to offer an extra service and to distribute your products. We customize and personalize our machines so that they dispense the products you want.

For example, we can install a toy vending machine in the waiting room of your clinic, so that the children have fun. Or one for magazines, to prolong the patience of adults.

You can sell soap and fabric softener in your laundromat or install a false lash vending machine in the restroom of your party room or in your beauty shop.

Books, office supplies, bottles and pacifiers, t-shirts… Don’t limit your imagination and ask about our automated retail machines.


Quality Commitments

Our quality commitments also apply to ourSpecialty Machines: Amusement, Game, Retail Machines, as well as Medicine Cabinets.

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Excellent Products

The stock included in our automated Retail Machines, Medicine Cabinets and Claw machines meets the most demanding quality standards. We use trusted brands. In addition, it is stored in a perfect state of conservation until it is dispensed.

Likewise, our amusement and gaming machines offer modern, well-known in-demand titles.

Advanced features icon

Advanced Features

Our gaming and entertainment machines offer optimal lighting conditions and screens with sharp resolutions. The joysticks, buttons and interactive elements are robust and reliable. They react appropriately when used and allow players to enjoy the fun, without stuck items or unnecessary crashes.

We only supply machines that are new or in optimal condition, from the best manufacturers and with the most robust hardware and latest software. You can be sure that they continue to work even when you are not monitoring them.

All of our machines offer the latest payment methods, including credit card and digital payments like Apple Pay.

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Our gaming and amusement machines are comfortable and intuitive, allowing time to be invested in the game and the fun, instead of navigating through endless menus without knowing which button to press.

Our manufacturers use ergonomic and adaptive designs for machines. This facilitates access for all people and their needs.

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Parts & Supplies

In addition to complete specialty machines, we can provide you with parts and pieces for the machines you already have. Do not hesitate to contact us if you already have a machine that requires any type of supervision or maintenance. We will be happy to offer you a solution with the quality of Matrix Machine.