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Machine Matrix is born on the basis of vision, experience and growth all thanks to strong principles

Our Big Skills

Excellence in the Vending Machine Business

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Machines Matrix L.L.C. is one of the leading vending machines service providers in Chicago. Our knowledge of these machines combined with our experience in vending machine business ensures that you get the best services possible.

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We are constantly working hard to provide you with high-quality vending machines, coffee vending, bulk candy vending, etc. Our machines work for thousands of hours without any failure and their modern manufacturing makes them the best showcase for the products you want to distribute.

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We strive for excellence in everything that we do. Whether you’re looking for free vending machines services, support for your vending machine, vending machines parts, or any related service, we will make sure to provide you with the best possible care.

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Born From Experience

Machine Matrix L.L.C was a bulk service operator around Chicagoland before becoming a family-owned vendor machines management provider. This experience in the business gives us a slight edge over most other companies providing the same service. We realized that we could and wanted to bring many improvements to the vending machine business, as well as complement it with other extra services to become a global management company, with the ability to satisfy all your needs. With great desire and enthusiasm and with the determination and professionalism that allow us to be proud of our work. So we founded Machine Matrix L.L.C.

We are now affiliated with a factory-authorized seller. They are a supplier of parts and services in Chicago for the Witten Group – the largest and most reputable manufacturer of the most well-known vending machine brands in the country. We affiliate with companies that have over 50 years of experience, transferring the quality of their services to you.

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Your satisfaction is our business

Building on our previous experience, we put our skills to work to launch Machine Matrix under the following principles:

We realized a lot of customers with vending machines were tired of their service provider’s apathetic approach to customer service.

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Customer service is our focus. Quick, kind, close, professional and friendly. Calling us will be a pleasant moment followed by the solution to your problem or request.

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Most companies in the vending machines business treat their large and small customers differently.

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We are a small company, a family with enthusiasm and a lot of desires. So we treat customers as we would like to be treated. We do not have second-class clients, only allies and affiliates towards solutions.

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Smile, we are friends

We observed that most of the institutions and premises are equipped with old and outdated machines. Not very attractive to the consumer and prone to failure.

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We install only modern and updated equipment in perfect working order and with the latest features in hardware and software.

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Vending machine consumers often complain that they cannot find appetizing products to purchase. Very often machines are outdated or only appealing for nostalgia.

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We offer quality and trend brands at fair prices.

we understand your tastes

Smile, we understand your tastes.

The vending machine business is often based on fixed-term contracts that bind their customers to use their services even when they are no longer satisfied with them. Thus they do not need to provide a good service, since a contract guarantees them to continue charging.

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We will not pressure you. No fixed term. Satisfaction guaranteed or we will withdraw our machines in writing.

you can fire us

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(but you won’t want to).